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So this blog is all about stuff to do with 3dxChat (http://3dxchat.com).  Its mostly about using extended home editing and my room add-ons.

Extended home editing? Huh..   This is also known as the ".DLL" hack, where additional editing capability are given to the user for creating their homes in 3dx.  Its basically like any other game mod.   Special files (.dll's) are added to the standard 3dxChat installation, and as if by magic, you can do some cool things.

There are 2 mods that I know about.

Nella Rochi's 3DXChat  Tweaked: http://3dxchattweaked.blogspot.pe

Alex Ryder's 3dxChat Extender: http://3dxchatextender.blogspot.fi

I won't go into tons of detail about their features, rather you should go look and see.

I currently use Alex's.  Its a bit harder to figure out, but once you do, it simplifies placing things alot.  All those cubes and tables that are being used for floors and steps and stuff, are always nice and lined up.

One HUGE feature of Alex's mod is saving and loading your home to your computer.   He also put in a merge function.

I wanted to start taking advantage of these two features to start a collection of home add-ons.   The basic idea is to create parts of home decor, and share them with people.  Someone builds a nice DJ and Dance platform, that fits in the corner of the loft.   Saves that, shares it, and now someone else doesn't have to go to the time and trouble to do it.

I've got a few things I've started, and have created a public download folder for them...


This page is still a work in progress.. so check back.

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